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The City annually reserves 22% of it's business license revenue for reinvestment into the City's business and entrepreneurial endeavors. This investment is transferred to the Business License Reserve Fund, which organizes programs as applied for by City Departments, Business Improvement Districts, Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Visit Tri-Cities. These programs annually fund business activities for core development, general economic development, tourism, prevention of blight, and capital expenditures for community improvements.

One subsidiary, the Commercial Improvement Program, is annually applied for by the Business and Economic Development Office to set aside funding for improvements to the exterior of Richland businesses and commercial property. The program reimburses business owners or property owners for 50% of the investment they make in their property, and has been applied to projects resulting in energy efficiency upgrades, curb appeal, installation of hardscaping, improvement/replacement of facade and roofing materials, and exterior illumination.

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Business License Reserve Fund

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Benton-Franklin Council of Governments

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