New Locations

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When planning to open a new location for your business, you will generally need to refer to the Start sections of the Business Portal. These sections will give you an idea of the same permitting and licensing requirements that will exist for your new location, and stand as a reminder of grants and assistance programs that are available. 

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New versus existing location notes

While there are certain local, state, and national requirements that will remain unchanged, there are a few processes that will need to be completed again or changed for your new location, including:

Trade name and structure

If your opening a new location, it may be advisable to register your new business as an independent corporate entity. Utilizing an existing business entity for your new location means that both businesses have common revenue, debt, and liability streams. If either location has an impact on its assets or debts, both locations may be liable for the legal ramification of that impact. Consult with a commercial accountant or insurance agent to assess your liabilities for your business, and determine whether you would be best served by filing each of your locations as a legally independent entity.

Information on entity structures may be found by clicking here.