Retail Development

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  Richland's large-chain retail is mostly concentrated in the south and southwest edges of town, with easy access to and from major interstate and highway traffic. The large retail development centers offers a variety of shopping choices that entice customers from across the entire Tri-Cities, and surrounding areas. Vinters Square at Queensgate in particular attracts high-caliber, modern-designs with ample parking and vehicular access.
The City is committed to maintaining and extending transportation infrastructure that allows easy connections to the downtown core, without sacrificing mobility to other areas around and outside the City. With the under-construction Duportail Bridge, Richland has made a major investment in providing pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular access to core Richland residents without impacting access from visitors and travelers from nearby communities.   kimfetrow2015_DSC_4668
kimfetrow2017_DSC_1611   Further, Richland's core downtown provides a mecca for small business success between Richland's two Business Improvement Districts, the Uptown and Parkway. These areas were designed and constructed under contract by the federal government, and have maintained a number of popular historic businesses and attracted a co-working incubator space, community theater, and several eclectic restaurants.