Rail & Transportation

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HR Industrial Park from Richland CityView on Vimeo.


 kimfetrow2017_DSC_1788   The City of Richland continues to invest in its Horn Rapids Rail Loop facility, and has several parcels available with access adjacent to the rail facility to take advantage of import/export on standard size and unit trains.
While rail transport is important to the overall improvement to the Horn Rapids Industrial Park, the site is also served with easy access to/from several major highways and interstates. Highway 240 serving I-90 is directly adjacent to the park, and Interstates 182, 82, and 84 are within a five mile direct route. The area also includes Port of Benton's Richland Airport, and quick access down Interstate 182 to Port of Pasco's Tri-Cities Airport.    kimfetrow2017_DSC_1811