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WA Retail Association offers tips and tricks for small business!

What can you do during the closure to rework your business?

Post Date:05/15/2020 1:00 PM

What can you do during the closure to rework your business?

Tips and Tricks offered by Washington Retail Association and the Retail Doctor, Bob Phibbs.

Reopening your business after COVID will be different, according to Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor, the ways business was done before will be different. But why can’t it be better? So find what new ways will work for your business. Just a few ideas that the Retail Doctor, had to offer with low or minimal cost:

  • Take this time to educate yourself on that new technology you’ve wondered about.
  • Update your systems and online descriptions.
  • Create and revamp your online and social media presence. Videos and live feeds make your business seem genuine and engaging.
  • Create the ability for online ordering.

How will you offer a better experience in your store to encourage people to come in instead of buying online? Open a better business than you had before. Businesses cannot continue to put off addressing technology shortfalls. The time is now! The great news is that the resources for learning how are free and available!

Besides technology, there are some easy, low or no cost things you can do in preparing to open:

  • Make your storefront look welcoming.
  • Refresh and clean your store so that it looks new when people feel safe to come in again.
  • Rearrange your furniture and displays to allow for social distancing and safe shopping.
  • Review the product offerings you have and analyze what is selling and what isn’t selling.
  • Work on changing your inventory to products that make you the most money and are selling.
  • Work on training yourself and your staff on how to make a sale, compare and contrast products, and learn sales from technique from afar.
  • Work with sales reps to get the best information on the products offered in your store.
  • Work on the steps and procedures you will implement to keep things clean and safe to build confidence in the market and your customers.
  • Have the PPE and a plan in place that can ensure the safety of your employees so they feel good about coming back to work.
  • How will you post signage to make people feel safe and understand the rules?
    • Consider masks with the employees name or your business name to create uniformity

Free training for small business is being offered through the National Retail Federation Foundation through June 12.

Source: Washington Retail Association

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